You buy, we donate!


We have created a coin on Ethereum with a 3% buy tax, 4% sell tax

(to incentivize holding). 90% of the tax wallet will be donated directly to Trump’s Campaign. 10% is allocated for KOLS, callers, and marketing.

Not (yet) officially affiliated with Donald J. Trump or his campaign.

Contract address:


Detailed Roadmap


- We will be purchasing the Dexscreener update and all others required

-Trending (Safeguard trending and deluge [d.buybot] trending); we will start with 3 hours of top 15 trending right off the bat, and then buy bigger packages for a top 7 slot.

-Dexscreener ads; We will start with the 10k views package.

We will pay for it again later and subsequently move up package tiers (one Dexscreener ad package per day).

-Twitter raids for engagement -Giveaways on twitter for extra engagement -Donate the accumulated tax to the Trump campaign -Send 1% of supply to

Trump’s public Eth wallet:

5M Market Cap

-Exchange Listings;

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc…

-Marketing Expansion; Bigger and better influencer partnerships and ads on Twitter (sponsored posts), and ads on Truth Social (sponsored posts).

10M Market Cap

-Reach out to pro Trump organizations;

We have a cold email list ready for when our coin is relatively established and we have donated a good amount to Trump’s campaign.

-Direct comms campaign to Republican members/party and support organizations to bring awareness to the coin and encourage involvement/mentions in media from them. -Twitter spaces with the best guests we can find (Pro Trump people, supporters of Trump on CT)

50M Market Cap

-Major Exchange Listings- top-tier exchange listings. We have a CEX wallet allocation already set up (MEXC, ByBit, everything we can try for.)

-Airdrop Collabs with other big Trump coins

-Launch wormhole (SOL)

100M Market Cap

-At this point, we wholeheartedly believe there’s little to no way Trump and his campaign/big supporters/media have not noticed us yet.

Being VERY conservative about the volume we would get on the way to 100m market cap–let’s say only $250 million in volume–we can average our buy and sell tax together to get 3.5%, and take off 10% that is used for marketing, and we get ≈$8,750,000 donated to Trump’s campaign!

$8,750,000 going towards making America great again.

$8,750,000 supporting our president in his fight to NEVER SURRENDER!

300m-1b Market Cap

-Hire a marketing agency to handle our bigger and wider push on all social media platforms.

-Hire people to manage instagram and tiktok accounts for the coin -Partner with a market maker

-Expand marketing campaigns with pro trump orgs/ possible real shit

-Make a few donations to Veteran and Child rescue charities to expand our reach

-Mass SEO campaign and marketing team for our website (agency will handle this)